Omok 5-a-side Rules 2019

Omokoroa 5-a-side Rules 2019


  • 5 players maximum on the pitch at once. Minimum 3.
  • 12 minute halves with 3 min break.
  • Rolling substitutes. GK substitutes must be done when ball is out of play ONLY.
  • No balls above head high (unless via deflection or when a shot is taken).
  • GKs only to handle within D.
  • GKs restarts to be thrown – no lobbed throws allowed.
  • Kick ins replace throw ins.



Team Requirements

• Minimum age is 12 years. With special written consent from parents/caregivers, players aged 11 years may play at our discretion.

• Teams consist of a maximum of 5 players on the pitch at anytime (including one goal keeper).  Teams must have a minimum of 3 players on the pitch at anytime or will forfeit their game.

In Play Regulations

Games consist of a maximum of two 12 minute halves, with 3 minute halftime break.

• Kick-offs are indirect.

• Substitutions are rolling.

• Goalkeepers are only allowed to use their hands in the Goalkeeper ‘D’ area.

• There are no offsides.

• There is no sliding allowed. Should a referee deem your slide to be a tackle, or feels your movement was dangerous in any way, you may be pulled up for a foul or penalised.

• If the ball goes above head height as interpreted by the referee (i.e. the Refs head), play is stopped for a high ball and an indirect free-kick is played by the defending team.

• Exceptions to the above high ball rule is when any player deflects the ball, the goalkeeper deflects the ball when making a save, or if the ball hits a barrier or goalpost within the ‘D’. Should this happen, referee will continue play as per usual.

• Headers or use of the head is not allowed and results in an indirect free-kick.

• All distribution from a goalkeeper must be thrown from their hands. The throw should be aimed below head height (i.e. not a lobbed throw).

• Once the ball has been distributed from the goalkeeper, the ball must touch at least two outfield players before being allowed to return to the goalkeeper. If returned directly, an indirect free-kick will be given from where the ball was returned.

• For all outs – the ball must be kicked-in (replacing a typical throw-in).

• Opposition players must be at least 3m away from any free-kick or kick-off.

• Start, half-time, and full-time will be signaled via the referee’s whistle.

• The game starts and ends on the referee’s whistle.


• Shin pads are optional, but we strongly advise that players wear them. By playing in the Omok 5-a-side league, players are solely responsible for their safety and physical wellbeing. Omokoroa FC will not be held responsible for any injuries caused during the game.

• We do not allow any screw-in studded boots or metal-sprigged boots.  We recommend moulded studs, blades, or artificial grass boots.

• Referees of each game will govern the appropriate attire of each player, including the removal of jewellery, hats, and loose items of clothing.

Disciplinary Action

• Refs Warning: Forced substitution for 4mins

• Yellow card: Receiving player must leave the pitch for at least 4mins. The player can’t be replaced during this time.

• Red card: Receiving player must leave the pitch for the remainder of the game. If a substitute is shown a red card, the on-field players must reduce their numbers accordingly.

• A player who receives a red card may be further suspended for future games. This will be decided by the referee and Centre Manager after the game.

• Any player reported for violent conduct will receive a longer ban an potential ban from the league.

• Teams with continued poor discipline will be removed from the league.


• All penalty kicks are taken from the marked penalty spot (9m from goal).

• The goalkeeper must be on the line when the penalty is taken.

• Players may take a maximum of two steps when taking a penalty.

When games are to be decided by a penalty shoot-out, these rules apply:

• The player in goal (the goalkeeper) at the time of the final whistle must be the goalkeeper for the penalty shoot-out.

• Players serving a blue, yellow, or red card at the final whistle may not partake in the shoot-out.

• Shoot-outs consist of a best of three, and if no winner then the shoot-out continues as sudden death (one player to score, and one to miss).

• Players may only take one penalty per cycle, meaning they may not take another penalty before everyone else on their team has had their turn (in situations where penalty shoot-outs continue this long).